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Daily Devotions
Committee of Advisers
Harry Marsters, former President,
Barbara Harvey,
former Treasurer
Sharon Reilly, former president
Deborah Sample (WCSH 6, V. P. of Public Relations)

Joe Charlton, Mystyc New Media
Brian Cliff, President, and GM WCSH6-TV, Portland, Maine
Bill Taylor, WCSH6-TV, Portland, Maine
Julie Sherburne Doughty, WCSH6-TV, Portland, Maine
Steve Carter, President, and GM, KUSA 9, Denver, CO 
EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS and Ministers of FRPCA, (Ret.)
Rev. Dr. David Glusker
Rev. Ernest R. Case, deceased

Rev. Dr. Franklin Cole,
Rev. Howard O. Hough,
founder, deceased