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Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions Exists Because of You.

We always need your help.
Thanks for visiting us here and for giving.
Thanks to God.

We are a small ministry - 2 workers and a Board of Trustees - but together, with you, we reach a million. We are a ‘Transmedia’ Ministry broadcasting on -  TV, Radio, FaceBook, Web, eMail, Smartphone app, magazine, and book. First Radio Parish reaches 1,000,000 viewers, listeners, and readers per month. We have 1600 giving members.  Your gift reaches millions of hungry souls seeking God.

Many Ways to Give: 

- PayPal, Check, iGive, Stocks, Honorariums/ In Memory Of and Bequest 

- Recurring gifts of $5, $10, $20 etc. plus per month are best given Online 

- Donate your Credit Card rewards cash (check with your provider):


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{iGive: Help First Radio Parish Church of America every time you shop online. A percentage of every online purchase at participating stores goes to Daily Devotions. Sign up today. It is easy. It works. Rev. Peter Panagore uses it. Hundreds and hundreds of stores, hotels, credit card companies and more participate. Click the iGive logo, follow the easy instructions and start giving love to Daily Devotions every time you buy online.}
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First Radio Parish of America 
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Honorariums/ Memorials: 
To make a special gift in memory, or in honor of a person who made a difference in your life, please Click Here
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Give - Stocks and Other Securities

Gifts of long-term appreciated stock enable many of our supporters to contribute more to the ministry than would otherwise have been possible.  While you should consult your tax advisor or financial consultant, in general if you donate securities held long-term to a “public” charity such as FRPCA, the amount you can claim as a charitable gift for federal income tax purposes is the securities’ fair market value on the date of the gift while avoiding capital gains taxes that would have applied had you sold the stock.  Under the tax code, “long-term” means at least 12 months and one day.   For purposes of determining the amount of your charitable gift, the fair market value of publicly traded securities is generally the average of its high and low trading prices on the date of the gift. 

To make a gift of stock or other securities to request transfer instructions, please call or leave a message for The Treasurer in our office at 207-828-6666 x365 (for Daily Devotions). Be sure to inform us as to the name of the securities and the number of shares being transferred or write to treasurer@dailydevotions.org 


Thank you again for your support! ~Rev. Peter Panagore 
Contact: Our Office by phone 207-828-6666 x365 or frpca@dailydevotions.org 
 logo-wcsh6     NOTE: WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2 donates our TV production and broadcast time.     logo-wlbz2