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Daily Devotions
Daily Devotions was Established 1926
as First Radio Parish Church of America
America's Oldest Continuous Religious Broadcast

Daily Fans - 60,000 with TV Neilsen Ratings.
Radio 1926
TV 1954
Internet 1999
eMail 1999
App 2009
Social Media 2011
Q & A  

Q: What is the mission of Daily Devotions?

A: "To share the good news of God's love from a Christian perspective and to offer encouragement and inspiration to grow in relationship with God through ecumenical, religious devotionals using appropriate media. Our ministry emphasizes God's spirit of unity and love for all people, and supports rather than competes with traditional religious institutions."

Q: Where is your Church located?

A: Daily Devotions does not own any buildings. There is no particular church building or meeting house that is connected with our non-sectarian ministry. Rev. Panagore served as the minister of local churches for 18 years prior to becoming the minister of FRPCA in 2003. He does not serve at a local congregation now.

Q: Is Reverend Panagore available for preaching, story telling, or as a guest speaker?

A: Yes, he is available for guest storytelling and for guest speaking. His schedule can be obtained by contacting the church office.

Q: What denomination is Daily Devotions?

A: First Radio Parish Church of America is a non-denominational ministry. As of this time, the five ministers who have served this ministry have come from three different denominations. The Board of Trustees of the ministry is comprised of persons of many different denominations.

Q: Where does Daily Devotions' support come from?

A: Our expenses are comparatively small as a result of the generous support of the WCSH-6 and WLBZ-2. Our TV broadcasters provide productions and airtime freely. All radio airtime is also provided without cost by our radio broadcasters.

Our annual budget of approximately $110,000 is supported by individuals and local churches that want to see our ministry continue. Gifts vary from $1 to much larger amounts. Please see "About Finances" for detailed information. We also have a modest endowment fund which provides some income to support our ministry. We do need your help, now more than ever.

Q: Who Writes the Messages?

A: Rev. Panagore writes all the messages. The Board of Trustees and the TV stations have no editorial or censorship power, other than what the law and propriety ordain. The minister is responsible for and creative in his use of TV and radio time.

Q: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

A: The minister gets his ideas from prayer, from thought, from material that he reads, speakers that he hears, things he sees, stories he hears and experiences that he has in his own life. Occasionally someone will send him an idea or two. As you may have noticed, he particularly likes short stories or even jokes that have a point that can be applied to life situations.

Q: Is it possible to receive copies of all of the devotional messages?

A: We are sorry, but we are unable to send you copies of all of the devotional messages that have been produced. We do not have the staff or the budget to do this. However, we are able to send copies of selected messages that are requested by date and title or subject. Of course, any of the messages on this web site may be downloaded for your convenience. Back on our homepage, you may also subscribe to receive our daily e-mail version of our Daily Devotions.

Q: Can I have permission to use some of the material presented by Rev. Panagore?

A: You are welcome to make use of any of the material offered on our web site. We do request that you give appropriate credit to Rev. Panagore and First Radio Parish Church of America.

Q: How do you pursue your mission?

A: Through TV and radio broadcasts, and via the web and e-mails.

Q: Was Dr. Glusker's hair real?

A: It was and is.