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Daily Devotions
Daily Devotions operates as the brand of First Radio Parish Church of America which is a trademarked non-profit 501-c3 organization. We are an ecumenical religious organization, governed by an ecumenical Board of Trustees.  We strive for transparency. Our annual budget is approximately $110,000 per year, or about $9,000 per month. This amount covers all of our expenses in a given year, including salaries for two people, offices expenses, web and media expenses, an annual financial review by a CPA firm, the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment for radio recording, television script preparation, web site maintenance, and other routine expenses.

All of the TV broadcast and TV production costs are given as in kind charity from WCSH6-TV. These may amount to as much as $1,000,000 per year in total. We are eternally grateful to WCSH6. The operating budget of Daily Devotions not including TV broadcast and production costs are funds we raise solely on our own through the support of generous donors like you. Although FRPCA and WCSH6 have been associated with each other since 1926, they are completely separate organizations with no other tie than good faith. 
2013 Annual Report
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Copies of our budget and details of our finances may be obtained by contacting us info@dailydevotions.org and requesting a free digital copy of our most recent audit and/or a free copy of the "Annual Report." You may write to us at Daily Devotions, One Congress Square, Portland, Maine 04101 or phone us directly at 207-523-2945.

Our budgeted financial support comes from individuals, businesses and churches who have become acquainted with our ministry via radio, television, mobile media or the internet, and who wish to be supportive of our efforts to share Good News through the media. We also receive support from interest on our modest endowment fund. The remainder of our support comes from bequests and from miscellaneous sources.

Odyssey Networks continues to provide grants for on location high definition productions for their mobile media broadcast network app – Call on Faith. Odyssey Networks generously allows FRPCA to use those devotions on our TV broadcasts. 

Over the years there have been extended periods when we have had to rely on the dreaded use of spending endowment principle because our income did not match our expenses. Thanks to you and your donations, we have made a financial turn-around and we are trying to rebuild our Endowment while just meeting our daily needs.

We are still working hard to seek other sources of income to meet our budgetary needs and to increase our endowment fund.

We welcome inquiries about our financial support and budget. If you wish to donate, please do. If you wish to leave a legacy please contact us. info@dailydevotions.org

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