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Daily Devotions
Daily Devotions In Memoriam

A special gift given in memory of a person who made a difference in your life. 

Received in Loving Memory of~ 

Andrea Panagore,  lovingly given by Wendy Bessett

Barbara and Walter Johnson of Waterboro, ME (Freinds of Rev. Glusker), lovingly given by Dana Johnson

Sylvia Clanton, lovingly given by Norman Clanton

Dad and Bill, in Memory of Their birthdays, lovingly given by Lois Merrill

Father's Day Memorial in Memory of Dad and Bill, lovingly given by Lois Merrill

Georgia Chapman, lovingly given by Charlotte Meggison 

Helen Taylor, on her birthday, given in loving memory by her daughter, Lois Merrill

Thomas S. West and Thomas F. West, "Lovingly in memory of my brother and my dad. You are in my heart daily." ~ Kathleen

Grandin Hayes Foresta, "Our beloved Son."

Michael Paladino, "I wish to donate this gift in the name of my brother, the oldest of seven. He was a peace-maker, and loving big brother who passed on after leading the family through the loss of our parents. Michael loved and was loved." ~Dennis S. 

Mr. Gregg Hartley, July 2007

Jim Hogan, "In memory of my husband, a beautiful spiritual man who died without warning on July 12 2007."  2007 

Joel Glusker, lovingly given by the Rev. Dr. David Glusker family. 

Andrea Marie Panagore, lovingly given by her family "upon her unexpected and far away departure, finally gone Home.", 2007.

Harold E. Hanson, given by Dianne, December 2008 

Tim, April 2008 

Cathy Williams Shelly, December 2008 

Barbara, "My mother." December 2008 

Richard Snyder and Sara A. Snyder, "This gift is in memory of my father and in honor of my mother. God bless." ~ Margi Snyder, December 2008 

Mary McLean, December 2008  

Jane T. Andrews and Max H. Andrews, December 2008  

Alice Staples and Verna Jones, lovingly given by Cynthia S., January 2009 

Maxin Slate, given in loving memory by her husband, Captain Lester Slate, and family and friends, 2010 

Ralph Prall, lovingly given by his friends, 2011  

Rev. Howard O. Hough and Margaret Hough, "In loving memory of my grandparents, founders of First Radio Parish Church of America 1926." ~ Kate Hough Myhaver 2012  

Eleanor Bailey and Helen Taylor, given in loving memory of, by son Willis Merrill and daughter Lois Merrill, 2012. 

Maxine R. Slate, given in loving memory by her husband, Captain Lester E. Slate U.S.C.G. Ret., 2012

William Harris,  "In loving memory of my dear Son. Thank you for your messages of courage and hope." ~Victoria H. Harris, 2012 

Roberta Richards, "In memory of my sister, who passed on November 28, 2012." ~ Judy Libby 2012

Twenty-six Souls, "Twenty-six Souls lost in Newtown, CT on Friday, December 14th 2012." ~Jennifer and Steven Lorrain, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 2012

Duross Family Members, as well as those lost in Newtown, CT, lovingly given by Maurice and Carmen Duross, 2012 

Allen Smith, lovingly given by Edna M. Smith, 2013

Terry Toman, lovingly given by his sister, Carol Cain,  2013
Walter and Violet Fitzgerald, lovingly given by their son, Mark C. Fitzgerald,  2013
Jim Alan Walsh, lovingly given by Barbara Walsh, 2013
William H. Harris, given by Victoria Harris, in memory of her dear son, 2013
Leo S. DeRaps, given in loving memory by Lois DeRaps, 2013
James Robinson, a doantion of $400 given in memory by Barb. "Jim was truly a member of our family, the loving, caring husband of my daughter, father of four. Beth’s siblings considered him a brother and I will miss my son."  ~ Barbara Zarpentine, 2014

Delores Caporino, given in loving memory by Roxanne and Patrick Caporino, 2014
Faye E. Yarumian, "Given in loving memory of my dear Mom, forever in my heart." ~ Evlyn Doyle, 2014
Kenneth L. Tibbetts, "Given in loving memory of my late husband." ~ Mrs. Kenneth L. Tibbetts, 2014
Donna Pfeiffer, given in loving memory by Gene D. Pfeiffer, 2014
Frank J. Moskal, given in loving memory by Stephen Curwood, 2014
Mark Hough, "Given in loving memory of our friend."  ~The Chamberlains, 2014
William Henry Harris, "In loving memory of my dear son, 2/11/87-10/15-/11"  ~Victoria Harris 2014
Captain Lester Slate, given in loving memory by Kim Lynch. December, 2014
Jerry Labbe, given in loving memory by his son, Paul. "I miss him so much, and he would be proud of me to know that I gave to his 'church'."  ~Paul Labbe, 2015
Patricia Benner Turtle and Josephine "Rose" Robitaille, "Given in loving memory of our mothers. You are dearly missed and forever in our hearts."  ~Kathy and Ray Robitaille 2015
Mr. Philip Higgins given in honor by the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and recognition of his son, John, and grandson, Mikel. "We hope this gift acts as a positive contribution to your organization in its endeavors, as we know (they) all appreciate."  ~Jessica D. Matrazzo Code 960 Secretary and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard  2016
Mr. Philip Higgins,  given in memory by:
Mikel & Roxanne Williams of Brunswick, ME
Trenor & Judith  Goodell III of York, ME 
Jill & Glenn Estes of Kittery, ME
Steven & Kathleen Christo of Stratham, NH
Jessica Matrazzo 
Deborah Roberts Lewis, given in memory by Charlotte Meggison, 2017

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