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Daily Devotions
First Radio Parish Church of America in the News

Odyssey Networks Launches First All-Video Inspirational Mobile App
January 27, 2011 
San Francisco Chronicle 
Want to turn a bad day around in just two minutes? Now there's an app for that. Call on Faith… 
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Church's 'Devotions' goes global with app
January 21, 2011 
Portland Press Herald 
Portland's First Radio Parish Church of America, which broadcasts "Daily Devotions" each morning, will have an even wider audience with its own channel on... 
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Good Works 
August 27, 2010  
Portland Press Herald / Sunday Telegram
Androscoggin Bank recently gave away $29,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations that support community... 
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Cora Brown turns 100, but the real feat is how she touched thousands of families 
August 23, 2010 
Portland Press Herald and Sunday Telegram 
Turning 100 would be enough to merit a birthday party for most folks, but Cora Brown brought... 
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Cora Brown Proclamation
Whereas, Cora L.
Tompkins was born August 21, 1910, in Blaine, Maine, the sixth child of a Baptist minister, Ralph B. Tompkins and Ella Crabb Tompkins, attended school in Aroostook County and graduated from Presque Isle Normal School… 
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Quick fix for the spirit
March 17, 2010 
The Portland Press Herald 
On a recent Friday morning, the news studio at Portland TV station WCSH Channel 6 was occupied by a lone man in a shirt and tie recording a two-minute spot about the pitfalls of credit-card debt… 
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Voice of faith on verge of falling silent 
by Bill Nemitz staff columnist
October 5, 2008 
Portland Press Herald and Sunday Telegram 
He may not wear robes. And he may not have an actual pulpit. But the Rev. Peter Panagore sure knows how to make a sermon timely… 
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''Dear God,'' he said, staring into the camera during a taping session Friday morning at WCSH. ''Greed can nearly collapse a global economy - and this isn't the first time. Keep us from easy... 
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Where’s Peter Appearing Next?