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Daily Devotions
Good Bye and God Bless you.
A Message for Our Congregation Feburary, 2018
It is with great sadness that I am informing you of the FRPCA Board Of Trustees decision to close the doors on Daily Devotions operations effective with our February 28, 2018, broadcast. We have been on the air for more than 90 years, thanks to the generosity of News Center Maine and our loyal supporters. This has been a longer lifespan than practically any other broadcast, and certainly the longest religious broadcast, and we aspired to continue well into our 2nd century.
You are all aware of our ongoing struggle to stay afloat financially. Unfortunately, this has come to a head due to a rapidly changing environment resulting in a 90% loss of our broadcast audience and a proportional loss of our supporting revenue base. We have branched out into modern media and have generated above average ‘likes’ and interest there. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in monetizing that interest, and our inability to generate and sustain a steady stream of operating capital is forcing us to close our doors.
Our current budget runs about $125,000/year, almost 90% of it in payroll for our Pastor, Administrative Assistant, and Bookkeeper. The remainder goes to office expense, primarily mailings, computer and internet costs associated with communication and fundraising. On the asset side of the ledger, we have a limited endowment, and a good portion of that is restricted to the use of interest on the principle. We currently have sufficient assets to sustain us for some months, but the outlook continues to deteriorate.
Reverend Peter Panagore, Lisa Falconieri, and Jan Payton Rowley have done a tremendous job of keeping our ministry going and have lived with the constant shadow of unemployment hanging over their heads. Peter has been working very hard to build a foundation to provide ongoing financial support for Daily Devotions with his ‘Rock Island’ project. Unfortunately, the outlook for potential income is several years out and not within reach in the near future.
The Board of Trustees feels very strongly that we owe our staff a ‘soft landing’ out of respect for their wonderful dedication and striving to make our ministry work. Therefore we made the decision to provide them adequate severance pay should it become necessary to stop our operations. Unfortunately, that time has arrived.
As sad as this is, there is much to celebrate in the longevity, ministry, and mission of Daily Devotions. It has had such a positive impact on hundreds of individuals weekly and many millions over decades, including those of us who have had the privilege of serving on its Board. Today’s world needs its message of God’s all-encompassing and redeeming love for all peoples.
Having made our decision, the Board can no longer, in good conscience, accept future gifts from our congregation. Therefore, we will return gifts received after the date of this letter. Our final Sunday TV broadcast is on February 25th. We close our doors on February 28th. Know this: it’s been through the loyal and generous monetary support of our donors that’s made it possible for Daily Devotions to have brought the message of God’s love to so many for so long.
God’s Peace and Love to all,
John Ludwig
Vice President FRPCA
P.S.  (A note from Peter: I am grateful and thankful to God for this ministry, and to the ministers who filled this pulpit before me. I am grateful to God for our viewers, listeners, readers, and our givers. Thank you for your support for all these years. Mostly, I am grateful for having served the people of God in this ministry. May God bless each of you every day. Thank you. God is Love now and always. Sincerely, Rev. Peter Panagore, M.Div.)
P.P.S. (Should you wish to send a card to Rev. Peter you may, at, 8 Spruce Shores Road, East Boothbay, Maine 04544, or at pbpanagore@roadrunner.com, or by visiting PeterPanagore.love.)