FRPCA ~ April 26, 1926 ~ February 28, 2018 ~ RIP

Thank you for watching all these decades. Goodness knows, First Radio Parish Church did a world of spiritual good in Maine, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, across our nation, and around the world for ninety years, but we never did well. A couple of years ago, the fight got much harder. We strove to raise enough funds, but we never recovered from our ever-shrinking broadcast time, and yet, we are truly and eternally grateful for the decades of prime and charitably given broadcast time that we enjoyed over ninety years preaching love to the Maine morning news watchers. It was a humbling blessing to serve God and the children of God as a messenger of peace. We did our best, but the seas were too high, and our boat was too small. We that our givers who keep faith in us because we kept faith in God, but all things come to an end, there is a time for every purpose under Heaven, a time to be born, and a time to die.

We were the longest running-continuous religious broadcast (anywhere, ever) on AM, FM, and mostly on commercial TV during the morning news in the USA, and very likely, the earth. We were the first, we are the last, and I hope the best, by God, of our type-a religious show about Love. At our height, we attained thirty-three million views a year, inspiring and influencing the hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands of regular viewers, and likely, many millions more since our birth in 1926.

News Center Maine, broadcasting from Bangor and Portland (Tegna/NBC) made Daily Devotions possible through their loving and annual charitable donations of production and broadcast time as a gift to all God's children. News Center Maine deserves enormous and unending praise for nine decades of support of the spiritual lives of our TV viewers, readers, and radio listeners.

We give thanks to God for the long and faithful sacrifices of ministry that our Founder Reverend Doctor Howard Hough-1926-1964, Reverend Doctor Franklin Cole-1964-1976, Reverend Doctor Ernest Case-1965-1976, Reverend Doctor David R. Glusker-1986-2003, and me, Reverend Peter Panagore-2003 to 2018, lived.

Thank you for watching, or listening, or reading for all these years. Thank you, givers, who supported this last of its kind TV ministry that officially ends on TV today. I'll be looking for work, writing two books, God willing, maybe starting a children's TV show, if that gets funded. Find me at God bless you and thank you.

Thanks, WCSH production crew, Debbie, Bill, Jeff, and Julie-your good humor, acceptance, and high-value skills made working with you a weekly joy. Thanks, Lisa, my fun and dedicated media manager and occasional on-location grip, I counted on you, and you did outstanding work. Thanks, Jan, our capable bookkeeper; we were blessed when you crossed our path.

Thanks to our Trustees, living and dead. Trustees are the heroes of First Radio Parish Church. Their efforts, belief, and life support kept us alive for many decades longer than we should have survived.

It's been a blessing and an honor to serve you and God.

God loves you! Always has, and always will. Fear not. Love more. Thanks to my Big Boss God, who makes all life possible. Bless you and thank you. For a time, you may view our deep video library here. Watch our farewell videos: #1666 The End and #1667 Final Sunday.

Peace and Love,

Reverend Peter Baldwin Panagore, M.Div., Near Death Experiencer

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