Social Media

Internet is full of all kinds of useful websites where you can get informed, educated and entertained at any given time. Per, the most popular social media apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. However, these are not just the only ones. If you are a Christian individual that looks for something different, then you should know that there are some great options for you out there. There are social media apps through which you can connect and socialize with other believers, discuss religious topics, share your faith and have fun in safe environment. The following are the top apps that young Christians love and frequently use.

My Church

            My Church app and site is created to help Christians connect with members of their church. At this networking site you will also find many nice photos, prayers and video sermons. It is easy to use and can come very handy if you want to connect and meet with local church goers.

My Faith

            This social media site is made for Christians that want to share and connect through videos and photos. It is also a platform where you can learn about many nice moral stories, see some church clips, Christian music videos and personal videos.

My Praize

            This is a place where young Christian musicians present their music and connect with others. A great place where you can find out some new Christian rock bands, see some videos and check what is going on in the Christian music scene. Some very popular Christian bands use this platform to share their music with fans and talk with likeminded people.

My Flock

            At you can create a personal profile, write blogs and chat with other Christians in the chat room. A good place for meeting members of your church, sharing stories and having fun.

Shout Life

            If you are looking for Christian authors, musicians and actors, then you should check out this Christian-friendly social networking platform. There are many helpful features available such as sending and receiving messages to other members and sharing audio and video content.

Kindle Joy

            This social media site is for those that want to help others through prayers. You can write encouraging messages and connect with others by joining in Christian support groups.

Jesus Crowd

            This site has a community where you can join in to strengthen and increase your faith. It also provides an option for you to join a missionary work and connect with other Christians. There are also forums, chat groups, videos and prayers available for those who join the site.


            Another popular social networking site where Christians connect and discuss different things. Here you can share photos and videos, as well as chat with others.

Faith Freaks

            You should join in this networking platform if you are interested in connecting with ministries, local churches and Christian colleges. If you are a young individual that is looking to find Christian-based higher education, then is worth checking.