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Religious Beliefs in Their Effect in A Relationship

For most people, religion is an important part of their life, but it can affect a relationship to a great degree. Regardless of your views on religion and the role it plays in a relationship, the way you handle it can impact its sustainability.

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The relationship between religion and love and marriage is often a controversial issue. While some religious believers and clergy argue that religion is a necessary ingredient in a successful marriage, others argue that religion is the underlying cause of many unhappy and abandoned marriages. When a relationship begins, it is usually based on emotions and ideas shared by both partners. Religious beliefs, however, are different: people accept them because they support their morals. Is it possible to have a relationship without religious beliefs? If religion is a source of conflict in a relationship, it is possible to live together without religious beliefs. But the relationship will not be strong or stable. There is no point in questioning religious beliefs if they are the basis of a relationship.

Most of the time, couples go through tough times, and one of the reasons is a difference in religious beliefs. This difference can be significant, but the difference itself is not much of a problem: couples can discuss the issues and find a solution. Religious differences can sometimes mean the difference between a happy relationship and a miserable one. One couple, in particular, found that their views on religion were the source of constant arguments — and they wondered if the conflict could have been avoided if they had managed their differences more effectively.

One of the most important elements of a healthy relationship is that it should have a strong foundation based on respect, understanding, and openness. A person who does not respect their partner’s beliefs and values will not be able to respect the way they see the world and the way they want their life to be.


Best Dating Apps for Dating in Religion

Religious dating is something that many young Christians seek. Instead of looking for casual encounters without deep meaning, there are people that want to find serious love through religious dating. Fortunately and per Dating Inquirer, today there are plenty of specialized apps and websites that offer this kind of dating. You do not have to go anywhere in order to find a good date. Thanks to the modern technology, today you can just create your online profile and start your search. If you wonder which are best dating apps for dating in your religion, here are some of them we believe are the best. 

  • is one of the oldest dating apps for religious dating. At this app you can find plenty of Christian people that look for serious partners in their lives. is a reputable site established back in 1995, so it has been around for a very long time. It has a great record of matching Christian people, so make sure you see what it is all about. This site takes your lifestyle and personal preferences when matching you with someone. It is available in over two dozen countries around the world, so there are lots of members from everywhere.

At you can base your searches by faith, distances, interests, age or looks. It is great option for people over age of 30 who are looking for likeminded people. At, new Christian members will enjoy very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can state your faith on your profile, and you can also set the search filters to look for members that belong to particular faith, such as Catholics, Protestants and others.

  • ChristianMingle is another great place to search for religious dates. The community is very friendly and this site has almost four million Christian members. The profiles are very rich and highlight people`s beliefs, interests and passions. If you are serious in your wish to find a determined Christian, then this site is great for you. People of similar faiths can easily connect with each other and arrange a date. Interesting thing is that you are not required to be a Christian to join the site, but you need to be open to date a Christian. ChristianMingle has a proven track record of matching many people around the world that got married by meeting on the app.

If you look for a place that has highest number of Christian people at one place, then look no further than ChristianMingle. Great thing about profiles at this site is that you can fully describe what faith means to you. You can also state your church-going habits, discuss your religion with others and even point out your favorite Christian music bands.

  • Eharmony circles the list of top religious dating sites. New members have to fill-in a long questionnaire describing their personality to the fullest. It has a large member-base, the dashboard is very clear, and Christians can get compatible matches with likeminded members. There are not many search features at eharmony, but you can find many people interested in dating based on your values, beliefs and personality.

Christian Singles vs. Hookup App

Today you have many options when it comes to dating sites online. There are plenty of them, all offering something unique and different. Here we will compare two of the largest dating sites out there – Christian Singles and Free Fuck App.

Christian Singles

            This dating site is owned by Christian Mingle. Essentially, these two are the same and only their domain name is different. Christian Singles is considered one of the top dating sites for Christians that are looking to find a matching partner based on their specific faith. What makes this site one of the largest online is the fact that there are over two million active members every month. If your main goal is to find a Christian partner, then you will certainly find it at Christian Singles.

            Christian Singles website is visually pleasing, user-friendly, and members can also use it as an iOS app or as an app from Apple App Store. Being so easy to use is what attracts Christian members towards this site and having such large member base is certainly big plus. Main pros of the site are of course the large member base and the fact that there are lots of members with pictures. Basic account at Christian Singles is completely free, one-month membership costs $29.99, three-month membership is $18.99/month and six-month membership is most valuable option at $13.99/month, saving you over 50% of the total cost.

Free Fuck App

            This site caters to an audience that is primarily interested in casual encounters and easy-going dates. What makes Free Fuck App special is the fact it has over 80 million members worldwide. It is by far the largest dating website in the world, established in the United States, but with members from all over the world.

            At this site you can easily find all kinds of partners. You can find fuck buddies, swingers, serious relationships and anything in between. The site is functional, easy to use and perfect for those who primarily seek casual hookups. It is not ideal for those that want serious monogamous relationship, but there are those types of members too.

            Major pros of Free Fuck App are the quick registration process and diverse active members that look for casual fun. However, majority members are men and there are fair share of fake profiles, which are couple of drawbacks. Positive thing is that this site has Android and iPhone apps available. When it comes to cost of using Free Fuck App, one-month membership is $39.95, three-month membership is $80.85 and one-year membership stands at $239.95.


            Both Christian Singles and Free Fuck App are great dating websites with millions of users. Free Fuck App is a bigger site, but most of its members are men that look for casual encounters. Christian Singles caters more towards people interested in serious dating with people with similar religious beliefs.

            As you can see, these two sides are very much different. Consider your personal preferences and what kind of date you are searching for. That will make your choice easier regarding which app to use.